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Being close to our customers

We see ourselves as a service provider for companies who do not have the very specific capabilities provided by us. In the field of tube processing, it is often for economic reasons that these performances are outsourced. On the one hand, it requires a large investment in capital equipment, on the other hand, special know-how and long-standing experience is required when it comes to complete and precise solutions.

Hence, it is not surprising that even large OEM's and Tier 1+2 suppliers require our services to solve their manufacturing issues. Cooperating for realizing tube components or tube assemblies ready for installation is a challenge which we appreciate taking on.

Guaranteeing quality

Due to our long-term experience we guarantee utmost professionalism using all of our abilities. We work growth-oriented and constantly increase and improve our performance offer.

A comprehensive management system for the maintenance of quality, environmental as well as industrial health and safety standards ensures optimal production processes. Our quality is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Establishing availability

Due to the good and long-standing business relations with our suppliers and the large quantities ordered by us we are provided with material at any time and on an economically sound basis. Thus, we can get active on very short notice. An advantage which we like to share with our customers: Short distances, fair prices, fast delivery - all from a single source!

Serving the environmental protection

While practicing our activities we make sure that we are in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

When purchasing materials or introducing new products we take into account all ecological and danger preventing points of view.

Thus, we contribute preventively to avoiding ecological damages and security risks. Even at subcontracting work (e.g. galvanic surface refining) we cooperate exclusively with suppliers adhering to the legal regulations of the environmental protection and documenting this credibly. To express our environmental engagement, we are certified by EMAS II, EC order 761/2001.

Promoting industrial health and safety standards

Healthy employees are the capital of every company. To ensure the staff's safety and health is an important contribution to the success. Our employees guarantee that the performance promises we give are internally observed. Hence, all of our executives and employees are obliged to comply steadfastly with any legal regulations and operational specifications while also avoiding the risk of any accidents or work related illnesses.

Living partnership

Successful business activity is based on the confidence in the efficiency of the business partner and coupled onto the readiness to support each other. Reliability and openness are the guarantors of a good cooperation.

For this reason, we strive for business partnerships which prove themselves in the long run. We know: Good business relations are long-term business relations.

Observing the market

You can only be successful when you stay informed. Wherever important changes arise, we try to derive advantages from it for our customers' sake.

The key to success is to know what is feasible. Thus, we are almost always ahead of our competitors.

The most important

Our customers
The way
we see ourselves

Our tasks
The way
we see ourselves

- Being close to our

- Guaranteeing quality
- Establishing

- Serving
  the environmental
- Promoting industrial
  health and safety

- Living partnership
- Observing the market