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The processing of tubes requires very special knowledge, as many factors have an influence on the product to be developed.

The first step of a tube project requires to define the expected influences and loads onto the final product so that material and manufacturing method can be selected accordingly. Chemical factors on the end product are taken into account as much as the physical qualities of the selected material in view of the mechanical loads to be expected.

External and internal FMEAs are part of our daily work.

The cost aspects are another major factor besides the technical issues considered (Radii and feasible tolerances achievable are just 2 examples):

Can the tube components be produced with existing technology or do they require special features?

Is the applied material available in the corresponding quantities?

Are there (material) alternatives suitable for the defined requirements?

Can tube components such as fastening elements be attached without any problems?

We work closely with our customers in an early stage of the project to define particular production issues.

Detailed and transparent calculations can be made based on the gathered knowledge.


We understand planning as the intellectual anticipation of a future production. Questions regarding the manufacturing techniques play a pivotal role in this respect.

In cases in which e.g. the specifications defined by the customer cannot be put directly into practice we support the planners at developing alternatives.

The use of a CMM with state of the art coordinate measuring technique enables us to verify the right geometry of the tube systems to be developed. The acquired data allows for the correct definition of detailed production specifics. This data collection can also be used at the customer's site as a planning tool. Moreover, it is possible to use customer module specifications to create prototypes.

To plan well also involves optimizing capacity. Therefore, we can realize a sensible price level even with small series.


During production all planning specifications are implemented. On our own responsibility, we carry out all necessary work required to produce components and/or product modules ready for installation.

If any outside parts are needed, these are either manufactured directly by us or contracted in by us, so that our customers basically get all products supplied from a single source.

Quality is constantly monitored from the outsourced modules or parts to the dispatch of the finished products.

Assembly of product groups

We not only manufacture individual tubes but also complete product groups, modules, and partial systems. All required connection parts, sealings and assembly elements attached, these are then available for integration into superior assemblies, devices, and plants.

Upon request, all elements or parts of the product groups are surface treated. All renowned processes from lacquering to powder coating can be applied.


The manufactured parts are generally delivered ex works.

Topics like "Kanban" and customer specific delivery schedules are daily routine for us.

We have a shiftable high rack warehouse area for approx. 500 pallet cages. It serves as short-term intermediate storage of customers' series parts. We use all different sorts of transport, such as forwarding agents (national and international), parcel services, TNT-Express etc., and realise every single way of packaging and any special request.


For us, looking after our customers means thinking what it best for them and acting accordingly. Hence, it is important for us to draw our customer's attention to any optimization possibilities and to ensure that an optimal price / performance relationship is achieved.

Our design department is always at your disposal to check the technical feasibility of special tube parts and to present alternative suggestions if necessary.

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