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Our staff

Our staff members are working in a flat organization structure in the office, development, tool and device manufacturing, production and quality assurance.

When choosing our employees we pay special attention to social competence and the ability for teamwork besides technical knowledge.

Therefore, it is possible that every employee can live consciously in his own activity field while specialized knowledge is integrated into a network without any loss.


With steadily increasing requirements on product and material our equipment stock has grown correspondingly. Today, we are able to assist our customers in transforming innovative ideas into pratical solutions competently using start of the art technology.

With our modern machinery we can form, bend and join tubes as well as assemble additional components. We possess the following special machines:

  - Tube separating systems

  - Deburring systems

  - CNC benders (hydraulic and servo controlled)

  - Jibbing machines

  - Press and stamping equipment

  - Thread forming and rolling machines

  - Thread cutting machines

  - Circular index tables for joining processes

  - Multistage end forming machines

  - Leak testing equipment

Our development department

Our development department works both on customer demand as well as with the target to solve existing problems with the help of new designs or modifications. Not only does this solve existing problems but it often leads to new product ideas for our customers as well.

Quality assurance

Precision manufacturing and applying special testing processes guarantee a consistently high quality product at a high standard.

We meet the requirements of the norm for quality management systems and are certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our quality management already starts at the quoting phase where the quality requirements of the customer are defined, adapted and outlined in a product specification. Before the manufacturing process starts, testing devices are developed and testing criteria, limit patterns as well as random control procedures are defined.

An accompanying print documentation pursues the complete manufacturing process and takes care that the customer requirements are met while a safe production is ensured. Hence, we can guarantee that only faultless products are delivered.

As a metal processing company we take the responsibility for our environment and adhere to the European guidelines of the EC ordinance 761/2001 (EMAS 2).

Performance potential

Performance potential
Production capabilities
Test and measuring technique
Our products
Performance potential

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