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Processed materials

Our core competence is the production and subsequent processing of metallic tube modules. Our modern plant allows for the processing of tubes using the following materials:

  - steel

  - stainless steel

  - copper

  - brass

  - aluminum

Tube forming technology

Using the most modern automatic and semiautomatic equipment metal tubes can be bent with tube diameters between 4 mm to 60 mm. The machines are partly CNC mandrel benders with radii changer and 3 roll benders. Depending on tube diameter and material bend radiuses of 1.0 x tube diameters in the neutral fiber are achievable

Tube end forming

Tube end forming technology represents an economical alternative for tube connections. Instead of attaching additional elements by using joint techniques the ends are directly formed to a customer specific or standard contour. The tube keeps its original stability. Cost-intensive connection elements and the additional test procedures associated with that can be eliminated.

The following tube end forming capabilities can be offered:

  - flaring

  - flanging

  - flanging as per DIN 71550 +ff

  - flanging as per customer specification

  - reduction

  - beading, such as single or double, beading at 90 degrees

  - calibrating

  - insertion of threaded elements

  - special forming as per customer drawing

Tube joining technology

By welding, soldering and adhesion techniques tube connections, assembly elements such as sheet metal are connected with the formed tubes by either screwing or other methods.

Where appropriate for cost cutting reasons, off shelve standard elements are used. Otherwise, the needed connection elements are custom made by us.

Mechanical processing

The following mechanical processes are available to complete the tube components for installation:

  - Drilling, standard

  - Form drilling

  - Machinery thread cutting

  - Thread forming, interior and exterior

  - Turning

  - Milling

  - Blanking and press forming of sheet metal parts

Tool and device engineering

All tools and devices for our production machinery and testing methods are designed and produced in house thus ensuring a fast adjustment to all custom specific requirements.

Additional components

If needed to finish ready to install components and modules we produce additional components according to the customer's demand.

The following processes are used:

    - Sheet metal forming

    - Blanking technique

    - Laser technique

    - Milling technique

    - Turning technique

    - Jet cutting

Surface finish

The finish is done after completion of the tube products. The following finishing processes can be carried out depending on the predefined request or customer specification:

 - Lacquering

 - Powder-coating

 - Galvanizing

 - Grinding of stainless steel

 - Electropolishing

Performance potential

Performance potential
Production capabilities
Test and measuring technique
Our products
Production capabilities

- Processed materials
- Tube forming
- Tube end forming
- Tube joining
- Mechanical
- Tool and
   device making
- Additional
- Surface refining